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Since 2017 I have been very busy with our new startup Voicegain. We have built a DNN based speech-to-text engine (ASR) and a whole platform around it.

The accuracy is pretty good – we are now pretty much on par with Amazon Speech to text. Here is blog post with our accuracy benchmark from just over two months ago. We will be soon publishing new benchmark with even better results.

Also coming soon is support for Twilio TwiML <Connect><Stream> which we think will be a better speech-to-text alternative for Twilio than TwiML <Gather>. We have already gotten some feedback from Twilio users and they are really looking forward to finally having support for standard speech grammars (GRXML and JSGF) on Twilio.


Something to help your kids understand physics

Is a head-on crash of two cars driving 50mph each equivalent to a crash of a single car driving 100mph against a solid wall? An easy answer if you think about the energy involved rather than about the force and action and reaction.

These two clips from Mythbusters will make a physics lesson cool and memorable for kids, and the rest can just enjoy the carnage.

Back on the web

I haven’t really had a website since my time at university, which, including my post-doc, is getting to be almost 8 years ago. I guess it is time to establish some web presence again. I will be starting by making my university publications available as PDFs.

BTW, my first website was on Geocities, back when it started in 1995/96. That is when Pentium 100Mhz was a fast processor.