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Bad Capacitor C316 on Philips DVP642

I have had Philips DVP642 DVD player for well over 4 years. I bought it because it could play PAL as well as NTSC. Moreover, a simple unlock code entered via remote made it region-free which allowed me to watch DVDs from Europe.

Well eventually it died, and would only blink the red power LED. Fortunately, a quick search for “DVP642 power LED blinking” revealed that it might be easy fixable just by replacing capacitor C316 that has a tendency to go bad in DVP642. I opened the DVD player, found capacitor C316 and indeed it was bulged.

Capacitor C316

Capacitor C316 (click to enlarge)

Bulge on top of capacitor 316 (click to enlarge)

I did not have a spare 1000µF 10V capacitor at home, so I got a replacement from RadioShack. The closest they had was 1000µF 35V for $1.59. Still it was small enough to fit in the place of the old one.

Replacement capacitor soldered in (click to enlarge)

Once the new capacitor was soldered in, I powered the DVD player and it worked perfectly fine.

UPDATE: has been almost half a year and the player still works fine with the replacement capacitor.